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Gaps Between Teeth Treatment
There are many people in this world those who have gaps in between two or more teeth. The gap between teeth is also called as diastemas. The reason of gapping between teeth may vary from person to person. In some people the gap is formed because the teeth is spread too far apart due to which gap between teeth is formed. Moreover, in some cases the gap between teeth is formed when the person has slightly crooked teeth due to which the crooked teeth do not match with surrounding teeth and as a result gaps are formed. No matter what is the reason of gap between teeth, but fortunately we at Dr. Kathuria’s, multi-specialty dental clinic have wide variety of treatments to overcome from the problem of diastemas. The gap between teeth treatment we offer cover unsightly gaps between the teeth and allow you to have new definition of smile.

The most common treatment we offer to minimize the gaps between teeth is traditional braces. With the help of traditional braces our dentists will tighten the teeth so as bring the teeth back into line, thus the gap is minimized. But, this procedure is quite time consuming and it will take 1-2 years to minimize the gaps. So, this solution is not perfect for more minor gaps. For more minor gaps you need to opt for other solutions.

Invisalign is a procedure that is recommended by our dentists to patients with minor gaps between their teeth. This procedure involves transparent retainer-like devises to change the position of the teeth gently to diminish the gap. This procedure takes several months to eliminate the minor gaps between the teeth. This is the most effective solution for minor gaps and it is the expensive procedure than braces.

Orthodontics or accelerated orthodontics is a procedure where both devices and dental surgery is involved. This procedure is quite effective to diminish the gaps in entire mouth. In this procedure, the dentists will perform several processes and use several devices to realign the teeth quickly and at the end they will use braces to accomplish the process. This procedure is quite effective for severe gaps between teeth and it can eliminate the gaps before they become embarrassing for you.

Gaps between teeth are also formed if the teeth are slightly twisted or misshapen. In such cases veneers and bonding are the ultimate solutions through which the gaps can be eliminated. No surgical treatment is required for such cases.
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