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Yellow Teeth Treatment
All of us desire to have that million dollar smile. Unfortunately, very few people have the perfect and beautiful dentition with perfectly aligned, spotless and bright teeth. But, many of us regret for having dull colored or yellow teeth. Many people in this world have discolored teeth due to which they can‘t smile confidently and feel embarrassed. Fortunately, having yellow color or dull colored teeth is not a problem these days as Dr. Sween Kathuria, chief endodontist & cosmetic dentist at Dr.Kathuria's dental clinic in Delhi has come up with clinically proven techniques to offer clean, spotless and sprinkling teeth. The cause of yellow teeth may vary and hence the yellow teeth treatment also varies depending upon the cause of the discolored teeth. So, here are few simple treatments that are offered at Dr. Kathuria’s, multi-specialty dental clinic to patients with discolored or yellow teeth.

Yellow Teeth Treatment at the Dr. Kathuria’s Dental Clinic

Bleaching is the first option that is offered at the clinic to treat patients with yellow teeth. The dentists first evaluate the cause of the yellow teeth. Teeth bleaching are mainly offered to patients who have yellow teeth and adequate thickness of enamel. But, if the patient has yellow teeth because of inadequate enamel and dentin exposure, then bleaching would not be the ultimate solution because it may lead to teeth sensitivity and the condition of the patients may demands for sensitive teeth treatment instead. Though patients can do teeth bleaching at their home, but it is advisable to entrust this task to professionals as perfect teeth can only be obtained under supervision of dentists.   Patients can opt for in office 1 hour procedure called Zoom Whitening or take home kit.

Dental Crowns & Veneers:
This treatment options is mainly prescribed to patients with thin enamel. Patients with thin enamel can avail maximum benefit from this treatment for yellow teeth. If the patient have only single yellow tooth, then dental crown/veneers can be the ultimate option for them. But, people those who are looking for complete makeover smile may opt for veneers. In general, veneers are facings that typically are located on the surface of the teeth so as to protect the teeth from stains and also increase the thickness of the enamel. Veneers are competent to enhance esthetics dramatically. We at Dr. Kathuria’s, multi-specialty dental clinic utilizes two types of veneers namely porcelain veneers and composite veneers. Though this option of treating yellow teeth falls under the category of cosmetic dentistry, but soon it is gaining immense popularity among the dental patients. It is becoming the top choice of the patients who desire to have exceptional difference in their appearance in short period of time.
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