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Gummy Smile Treatment in Delhi

by Puneet Kathuria | April 28, 2017

If you visit us at Dr. Kathuria’s Dentistry for gummy smile treatment, then our dentists will first find out the cause of gummy smile. It is important to find the root cause of gummy smile because it helps our dentists to offer proper and effective treatment for gummy smile.

Gummy smile is a term that is mainly used to describe the smile where the pink gums are more visible than the white dazzling teeth. When 1 or 2 mm of gum tissue is visible, then it is referred as normal or aesthetic smile. But, in smile where gum tissues are visible more than 2 mm, then it is known as gummy smile. There are several reasons due to which the person has gummy smile. When the height of teeth is more than the pink gum, then it is acceptable. But when the ratio changes in favor of pink gum where the pink gum is more visible than white teeth, then it is unattractive and it is the time to undergo gummy smile treatment to improve the quality of smile.

The primary cause of gummy smile is small sized teeth. So, if you have gummy smile due to small sized teeth, then our dentists will perform periodontal crown lengthening surgery or laser gum reshaping through which they will increase the height of the teeth. Besides, they will also use porcelain veneers to enhance the aesthetics of the repaired teeth.

Crown lengthening process is a surgical procedure which is performed to remove some bones from the root of the teeth to increase the height of the tooth crown and to reposition the gum level to make them less visible. Several months are required to complete this procedure, especially if you are a smoker, having poor oral hygiene or thin gum tissue. Complications associated with this surgical procedure are similar to other surgical procedure like swelling, bleeding, pain etc. Laser gum reshaping is performed for mild cases. This procedure is mainly performed to offer a quick, bloodless, painless and effective solution.

This procedure is very effective to reduce the amount of gum tissue, while the underlying bone tissues are kept untouched. This technique is popular because of its simplicity and it not invasive indeed. The only disadvantage associated with this procedure is that the result of this procedure cannot be predicted because the gum tissue removed can re-grow again to some extent.

So, we at Dr. Kathuria’s Dentistry; try to offer gummy smile treatment in combination with some other treatments to increase success rate and to make the treatment more effective.