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Smile Makeover
Smile Makeover

Smile Makeover

In the 21stcentury, smile makeovers have achieved a principal role in the field of dentistry. Smile Makeover has emerged as one of the most popular and highly demanding niche in the entire field of dentistry. Individuals who are aware of the fact that smiles need to build from base and then they need to be maintained are now opting for several Smile Makeover treatments. Bright and shiny smiles contribute to the entire look change of an individual and has a great impact on his day to day performance in the professional and personal lives.


Gap Closure:

Gap closure is one of the frequently utilized dental treatments in the recent times. This is because if a patient has a minor gap in the front teeth, then there is usually no need of full fledged gap closure treatments. One of the important procedures preferred for gap closures is dental veneers. This ensures that not only the gap in between the teeth is closed but also the aesthetic features of the respective teeth are enhanced. In the recent times, composite and porcelain veneers are also quite attractive. The time taken for these treatments is usually less than the traditional ones and also varies with the case of the patient.If the patient is open to Braces treatment, that is always a good option.

Teeth Gap Closure - Before
Before Gap Closure
Teeth Gap Closure - After
After Gap Closure

Teeth Whitening:

Teeth whitening is an essential part of the smile makeover treatments. Teeth whitening procedures are office based or can be done by the patient itself at home. Office based procedures include dentist’s expertise, therefore, leading to better and much more appreciating results. The bleaching solution used ensures that it does not have any side effects on the teeth in the long term. It works ideally for the teeth with intrinsic stains, worn enamel as well as patients with bruxism. Zoom Advanced Power Whitening is the latest treatment which ensures better and fast whitening of teeth. 2//3 Cycles of 15 minutes each is all it takes to get the dazzling smile.

Zoom Teeth Whitening - Before
Before Teeth Whitening
Zoom Teeth Whitening - After
After Teeth Whitening

Alignment Correction with Porcelain Veneers / Crowns:

crowns work systematically to correct the alignment of the teeth. Orthodontic treatments are usually recommended for alignment correction, but if a patient has the minor change in the natural sequence of teeth, then porcelain veneers work best. It helps in the minor shifting of the mid line which is usually unnoticeable. It ensures that the alignment of the teeth is corrected. To a large extent, the patient need not worry regarding any side effects of the treatment on any other teeth in the sequence. It’s a quick & effective subsititute to Braces.

Teeth Alignment Correction with Porcelain Veneers - Before
Before Alignment Correction with Porcelain Veneers
Teeth Alignment Correction with Porcelain Veneers - After
After Alignment Correction with Porcelain Veneers

Laser Gummy Smile Correction:

Gummy smile correction ensures that the teeth are showcased properly during talking, smiling and laughing. Using laser method in gummy smile correction helps in enhancing the teeth and reducing the gums as required. It is a technique used to modify the gummy smile and turn them into a natural smile. This helps to contour the gums attached to the teeth. This is a quality and fast procedure which yields many satisfactory results as compared to the traditional counterparts. In minor cases, same day laser treatments provide high satisfaction to the patients. Soft-tissue diode laser treatment is often utilized which it makes easy to achieve the desired results with such smile makeover treatments.

Laser Gummy Smile Correction - Before
Before Laser Gummy Smile Correction:
Laser Gummy Smile Correction - After
After Laser Gummy Smile Correction:

Clear Aligners:

Are you tired of traditional orthodontic treatments? Or do you want to try some easy and comfortable smile makeover treatment for improving the arrangement of your natural teeth? Then clear aligners will help you to fetch the desired comfort. This treatment does not require the use of any braces, screws or brackets. As the treatment proceeds, the type of clear aligners changes as the positive changes are seen. The results are worth appreciating, and they can see on the patient’s teeth from the 12th week since the start of the treatment. The best part does not involve any discomfort or difficulty while eating or in daily life. Just by using Progressive aligners every 15 days,we can achieve desired reults in 8-18 months time.

Clear Aligners Braces
Clear Aligners
Invisible Braces
Clear Aligners

Mottling of Teeth Corrections with Metal Free Crowns:

Metal free crowns are the new trend in the field of cosmetic dentistry. Dental fluorosis is quite common these days, and therefore there is an increased number of patients with mottled teeth. Metal free crowns ensure that the mottled teeth are masked properly, and it looks aesthetically appreciating. Also, these metal free crowns have got proper strength which makes them trust able for mastication tasks. It does not leave any marks or stains after months or years due to the absence of traditional metal. Metal free crowns are made up of materials like Zirconia thus imparting a natural look to the damaged teeth.

Mottling of Teeth Corrections - Before
Before Mottling of Teeth Corrections
Mottling of Teeth Corrections - After
After Mottling of Teeth Corrections

Dental Jewelry:

Aesthetics have attained new heights in dentistry especially in th list of the smile makeover treatments. This has lead to the arrival of dental jewelry. Dental jewelry is usually glass crystals and 22 or 24 karat gold jewels. It has been introduced to give a smile a new look. It stays on the natural tooth from a period of 6 months to a few years. Dental jewelry also ensures that ensure that the individual can get proper hygiene cleaning and scaling from the dentist. Normal brushing will not affect or remove the jewelry from the teeth. So, people need not worry about the usage of this creative dental jewelry.

Dental Jewelry - Before
Before Dental Jewelry
Dental Jewelry - After
After Dental Jewelry

Cosmetic Fillings:

Cosmetic dental fillings are now replacing the traditional silver fillings to get the best aesthetic features and mental satisfaction. Composite fillings, porcelain or ceramic fillings and glass ionomer cement fillings are some of the most utilized and highly recommended cosmetic fillings. Composite fillings are bonded to the teeth which prevent its removal from the cavity. It adheres to the teeth for an appreciable period. Porcelain and ceramic fillings are used in veneers, inlays, onlays, and crowns. Glass ionomer cement are commonly used as they provide good aesthetics and are affordable for most of the dental patients. All these modern day cosmetic based fillings provide high yielding results and ensure that the restorations stay for an extended period without risk of untimely breakage or damage.

Cosmetic Fillings - Before
Before Cosmetic Fillings
Cosmetic Fillings - After
After Cosmetic Fillings

Cosmetic Contouring & Polishing:

Cosmetic contouring, teeth reshaping or enameloplasty is carried out by removing the tooth’s enamel to some extent. This helps in reshaping the tooth and making it cosmetically sound. It takes around an hour and is one of the best smile makeover treatments for the patients who hesitate to go to the dentist with the fear of pain during treatment. This is a one-time procedure, and you need not worry regarding getting the procedure again and again. This procedure works great for teeth which are longer than the usual length or are aesthetically unsound like jaggered margins. Cosmetic polishing ensures that the extrinsic stains are removed from the enamel surface. This cosmetic based smile makeover treatment procedure makes the teeth aesthetically sound and removes all negative effects of the visible changes in the teeth as well as external sources.

Cosmetic Contouring & Polishing - Before
Before Cosmetic Contouring & Polishing
Cosmetic Contouring & Polishing - After
After Cosmetic Contouring & Polishing

Smile Makeover Charges

The cost of the smile makeover in India varies city to city and in Delhi at Dr.Kathuria’s Dentistry it lies between Rs. 5,000 – Rs. 90,000 depending on the type of the dental procedure. Smile makeover procedures include teeth whitening, porcelain veneers alignment correction, clear aligners, and dental jewelry.

Ms. Marina Achi-Fazakh – High Commission of Canada
australia Flag Ms.Marina Achi-Fazakh – High Commission of Canada
Excellent job and attitude of the doctors. The best clinic I saw in New Delhi. Everything was perfect 5 star ratings.
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australia Flag BRADLEIGH GOUGH
I was really happy with the professionalism of the dentist and attention to the detail. Thanks Dr. Sween Kathuria for a nice work including Crowns & whitening.
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Ans – It can be anyone who has a desire to get their smiles improved. The individual can be of any age or gender. The important factor is to have a will to get one self’s smile improved. This will make you the ideal candidate for smile makeover treatments..
Ans – Every patient is unique and so is the total cost of the smile makeover treatments. There are various factors which determine the costs of the smile makeover treatments. Some of this include the type of the treatment, your entire oral health, experience of the dentist, location of the dentist and many more. So, before starting with the treatment you need to clarify with the various aspects of the treatment and associated costs of the treatment. This will help you to ensure that you take the right step at right point and commence with your treatments. Smaller treaments like Cosmetic contouring starts as low as 1000/-INR per arch.
Ans – Your smile makeover treatment can be completed within a day or it might take even weeks if the patient’s teeth and oral status is not up to the mark. Aesthetic treatments like veneers can be completed in one or two appointments whereas orthodontic treatments like dental braces and clear aligners can take around 4 months to 2 years. So, it entirely depends on your case and accordingly the treatment procedures are customized.
Ans – Smile makeover treatments are for your betterment and not for the deterioration of your teeth status or oral health. You just need to have firm trust on your dentist so that he can achieve the best from the respective treatments. Always get to know in depth regarding your treatment so that you can know what to expect after the treatment and what not. So, on an overall view there are no negative impacts of the smile makeover treatments on your teeth. Procedures like Wax Mockup on patients models can help you visualise the treatment to a large extent before the actual work begins.
Ans – Smile makeover treatments are for your betterment and not for the deterioration of your teeth status or oral health. You just need to have firm trust on your dentist so that he can achieve the best from the respective treatments. Always get to know in depth regarding your treatment so that you can know what to expect after the treatment and what not. So, on an overall view there are no negative impacts of the smile makeover treatments on your teeth. Procedures like Wax Mockup on patients models can help you visualise the treatment to a large extent before the actual work begins.
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